November 11, 2010

such a WASTE.

When she's in love,
Everything seems okay.
Whatever she does is right.
Nothing is more important then his lover.
Her mom said; "kentot pon bau wangi" LOL
She's living in her own WORLD.
She’s create her own DREAMLAND.
In a nutshell; everything is beautiful, perfect, sweet and favorable.

But when he left she,
Everything goes wrong.
She's hated everything about him.
He's not her PRIORITY.
She's cried in front of the mirror.
Her dreamland is not exist anymore.

Dear me;

puppy love is such a waste. So, please don't ever cry over a boy. It’s not worth it. Also, just continue life without regretting of what had happened. Keep thinking that chances are waiting for those who want to change: D

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